Tribute Health Plan of Arkansas (HMO SNP) is a proud offering to Dual Eligible individuals in select counties in Arkansas.

Tribute provides all medically necessary medical and preventative services offered through Original Medicare Part A and Part B along with a prescription drug plan accepted at thousands of pharmacies throughout Arkansas and across the nation.

Tribute will assign a personal Case Manager to assist members in coordinating their care

  • $0 cost sharing for most benefits
  • Prescription drugs included with low- to no-cost sharing
  • D-SNP members are not subject to an annual election period. Members can enroll, disenroll, or switch to a different D-SNP plan, Medicare Advantage plan, or Original Medicare each month
  • Members who enroll in a D-SNP keep their Medicaid coverage. The D-SNP coordinates coverage between the Medicare Advantage plan and Medicaid
  • $500 annual benefit for Dental services related to dentures and partials included

Other Tribute Benefits include:

  • Available in 30 Arkansas counties
  • Three-midnight stay not required for Skilled Nursing
  • No cap on Part B authorized therapy services
  • Case Manager assigned to facilities

Benefits of Tribute

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